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Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity are boosting a profoundly anti-Christian movie — and no one cares


f you haven't seen Atlas Shrugged I or Atlas Shrugged II, you're hardly alone: both film adaptations of Ayn Rand's novel fared poorly at the box office. The filmmakers evidently haven't received the free market's message.

Contrary to Randian logic, a third and final installment is due in September, and to drum up viewership, producers have indulged in a bit of novelty casting. Ron Paul will be metastasizing from the small screen to the silver screen in his acting debut in the upcoming film, and will be joined on screen by Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, evidently in an effort to draw out the audiences each of them already commands. For the film itself, it's an embarrassing move, underscoring the painful degree to which Atlas isn't quite able to interest viewers on its own merits; for Hannity, Beck, and Paul, however, it begs a more profound moral question.

One can imagine the collective shriek of indignation that would come from right-wing pundits like Hannity if a left-wing politician and pundits summarily elected to appear in a film with a dubious moral message.

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