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The "Never Say No" Economy

As ConvergEx's Nick Colas notes, there is good reason not to scare people off as the power of the word "No" in human interaction shows its psychological heft is inversely proportional to its length. From early childhood, Colas points out, we learn that "No" signifies a negative outcome, and that wiring stays with us the rest of our lives. Studies using brain-imaging scans show this in detail. Subjects who hear the words "Yes" and "no" exhibit dramatically different brain activity. "No" gets processed slightly more slowly, but with powerful negative emotion. The result is less trust and cooperation from the person who hears "No". If that is your desired result, "No" is your word of choice. But if it isn't, try something else.

 Via ConvergEx's Nick Colas,

"Never tell your CEO 'No'." I heard that bit of wisdom today from a veteran investor relations professional. He was speaking at a conference about the role of IR in the capital markets and inside of corporations, and he paused for effect after he said it. He clearly wanted the audience to know he was passing along an important corporate life lesson, and he wanted to make sure we all heard him.

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