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Of Course the Internet Can Help You With Your Weed


With medical marijuana a long-established fact and recreational dope legal in Colorado and Washington, it's a heady new world, out there. (Get it? Heady...? Oh, never mind.) But with so much new product in circulation, legal, illegal, and in-between depending on the competing whims of local, state, and federal prosecutors, how do you separate the leaf from the seeds?

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Unsurprisingly, there are websites for that. Below are a few arbitrarily selected online resources that can help you meet your needs, whether they be recreational or medicinal.


This four-year-old crowdsourced site, based in now-it's legal Washington, lets you search by strain name, or medicinal use or effect ("stress" and "anxiety" are two suggested possibilities). It even detects your location and suggests a dispensary near you.

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