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Muslims take PorcFest, impose Shariah Law!

Sponsored by the Free State Project – a group dedicated to moving freedom-loving people to New Hampshire – it attracts all 1001 libertarian flavors. Needless to say, not all of them blend harmoniously.

In some ways PorcFest is a funhouse mirror image of the mainstream America it seeks to escape. The love of freedom at the heart of the American creed, here, looks much larger and weirder. "Liberty: Too Big to Fail" reads one oversize sign. DON'T TREAD ON ME flags featuring un-treadable-on snakes or porcupines flutter proudly in the ganja-scented breeze. A sizable fraction of the folks here are visibly packing heat…including dozens whose daily wardrobe would not be complete without an assault rifle. It's a gun nut's paradise and a gun controller's nightmare – a living, breathing advertisement for the notion that guns keep the peace. And they do. Somehow these people are getting high and waxing boisterous, peacefully. Quick, somebody call the cops – and tell them to stay at the donut shop!

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