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A good news cop story for a change, (Just for you, Michael Nystrom!)

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 A coworker of mine owns it, or something, and had us sign a waiver form in order to shoot. I was having a great time, but it was time to go.

As we were all packing up and policing our brass, 3 Swinomish Police officers walked down the gravel road with their AR-15's. The lead cop yells, "Everyone stop what you are doing, RIGHT NOW!" The 2 cops on either side deployed outward behind concealment, (no cover to be had nearby.) They were a good 300 yards away, and for a short time were aiming at us. We all set whatever we were carrying down, and raised our hands. The property owner yells back, "Really guys? It's me. You see my truck right here! Come on down and join us! You train here too!" The lead cop yells back, "No. You come to us." It takes a few minutes for the owner to get there, but not 30 seconds after interacting with the lead cop, the officer yells back to us, "It's OK everyone. You can put your hands down. You are all OK!"

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