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The NSA may have another leaker on its hands


German public broadcaster Das Erste revealed yesterday the existence of a previously undisclosed NSA program called XKeyscore, which automatically logs the online identities of anyone who even searches the web for tools that might keep their activities anonymous. Experts who are familiar with Snowden's leaked documents say that this information is from a new source.


"I do not believe that this came from the Snowden documents," wrote security expert Bruce Schneier, who had access them through his work with the Guardian. "I also don't believe the TAO catalog came from the Snowden documents," he said, referring to the "tailored access operations" that the NSA uses to gain access to certain priority targets. "I think there's a second leaker out there."


XKeyscore logs the IP address of anyone searching for "privacy-enhancing software tools" like the TOR Project, free software that can ensure online anonymity that is used by millions of people a day.