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Shocking Charts (6/3/2014)

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Comment by PureTrust
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Who knows what the bankers of yesteryear knew all along? Perhaps they knew that their debt money system would never last.

The thing that they are doing now is, prop up the ownership of themselves by an ever-increasing fall of everyone else. When we hit bottom, they hope that we will be so demoralized, that they will be able to take over by force, literally destroy the United States of America, and make us all their slaves literally.

What will happen is, the people will rise up and turn the Government to destroy the bankers. The police state will fail as such. The banking system will fail as such. And people will rule in freedom. Probably, many will die in the process.

For awhile this will work well. Then the people will realize that there is nothing to stop them from doing anything that they want in their freedom. Immorality and ungodliness will increase. Science will advance to the point where death will be virtually eliminated.

Some of this will be good on the outside of it. Some of it will be worse than if the bankers had won. There will be an evil pall hanging over everything and everyone.

How long will this all take? Don't know exactly. But well under 10 years for the whole thing to move into full freedom fruition. And what then? All of humanity will crash under the weight of its uncontrolled wanton lustful freedom; nobody caring for the needs of anyone else; everyone greedy only for more pleasures for me, me, me.