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Can a Christian Be a Cop?

•, By Laurence M. Vance

I have spent many years making the case that Christians have no business "serving" in the U.S. military, including as chaplains who serve two masters and medics who are accomplices to murder.

But in addition to questions about military "service," I have also received many e-mails over the years from Christians, libertarians, and Christian libertarians asking me some question about Christians and/or libertarians "serving" on the police force. I usually refer them to the writings of Will Grigg, who has chronicled in great detail the militarization of the privileged purveyors of state violence we call cops. I don't see how anyone can read account after account after account of police violence, abuse, aggression, humiliation, theft, intimidation, beatings, shootings, taserings, brutality, and murder and not at least question whether the police have their best interests at heart, are on your side if you do nothing wrong, actually fight crime, or really serve and protect.


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