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Iraq Will Solve Itself When We Leave It Alone

•, by Justin Pavoni
 The ISIS is a spin-off of the rebel fighters that have been allied with the American CIA in its covert war against Syria. Interestingly enough, groups like ISIS are labeled "rebels" when they fight for America and "terrorists" the moment they cross the line. The lesson in all of this is the same one that has been repeating itself time and again over the last half century in the Middle East: interventionism causes more problems than it solves. The latest drumbeat for even more war is being banged on behalf of the American puppet-democracy in Iraq, and the American government is doing what it does best: refusing to mind its own business. Is it possible that the United States could ever return to a foreign policy that involves the legitimate defense of the United States and its territories – nothing more, nothing less? This would cost less, achieve more, and facilitate peaceful relationships. Here are three reasons to stay utterly uninvolved with Iraq.

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