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In Defense of Vladimir Putin

•, Bill Bonner

That was the line given to us by one of our fellow parishioners at the 8 a.m. service, in Maryland, on Sunday.

Oh my… he is losing his mind, we thought. How would he know who shot down a plane over 4,000 miles away? And why would he care?

But in the US media… dinner time chat… and after-church conversations, Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, is condemned. Without trial. Without due process.

The rush to judgment was so fast even the kangaroos hadn't gotten to the courthouse when the verdict was handed down.

Time to "Do Something"

In the lobby of the Hilton Hotel, here in London, we overheard a conversation:

"What do you think the international community should do," asked an earnest voice. The speaker – a middle-aged woman who seemed to care more about her ideas than her appearance – seemed to want to "do something."




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