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The end of bitcoin risks? Coinapult launches hedging tech, but U.S. gets locked out

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C oinapult says it has solved one of the most common complaints among detractors of bitcoin: that the currency fluctuates too rapidly to work as a reliable store of value.

Beginning today, the Panama City-based company will offer what it calls "Locks," technology designed to stabilize bitcoins by locking their value to other assets, so long as you're not in the United States.

Though the technology doesn't actually stabilize the price of bitcoin itself, through a clever twist of technology, it removes some of the risk (and some of the benefits) for customers who want to buy and spend the currency.

"In the background we are hedging ourselves," Coinapult chief operating officer Justin Blincoe told me in a phone interview. "When a user enters into a Lock we've built a Wall Street grade hedging engine to protect ourselves."

Balances stored through Coinapult's services can be tied to a range of fiat currencies or other assets. So, for example, a customer who stores $1,000 worth of bitcoin with Coinapult and locks the price to gold will always have the same value stored relative to gold. Click here to learn more.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Here is one of the major things that the United States Government is trying to change in the U.S. They are trying to get rid of the common law basis in Government. This is NOT the common law where judges call all the court cases common law. This is the common law of trial by jury that includes jury nullification.

The fact that other nations are blocking people of the U.S., and the fact that companies of other countries won't work with Americans, shows us how far we have gone down the road to losing the most important freedom that we have - the freedom to face any human being who accuses us, and the right to accuse anyone who does us wrong, all without the interference of Government if we so demand it.

The fact that most folks don't even realize that Judge Judy is the simple exercise of common law, and could be made if the litigants wanted, so that even Judge Judy couldn't speak other than to affirm the results of the case, shows us how far we have gone away from the freedom of common law usage.

Google and Youtube search on Karl Lentz.

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