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Americans Should be Ashamed

•, Philip Giraldi

The Obama Administration sent Secretary of State John Kerry to Israel to insist on a cease fire in Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responds not only with a no but with a "hell no" and Kerry backed down, but Bibi didn't let it end there, telling Kerry and US Ambassador Daniel Shapiro "don't ever second guess me again." The Administration pleaded for a halt in the fighting but it only criticized Israel directly once after there was irrefutable evidence that it had shelled a United Nations (UN) school killing 17 and wounding ninety. A subsequent UN school shooting, one of three major incidents, that killed ten more civilians produced a State Department comment that it was "appalled." But at the same time the White House resupplied the Israeli Army with the munitions used against the schools to include tank shells and mortar rounds.

US weaponry supplied to Israel is by law only supposed to be used for defensive purposes. Tank and mortar fire is conceivably defensive when a dug in position is being attacked, but that is not the case in Gaza. Tanks and mortars are instead being used offensively to bombard Palestinian buildings, to include the UN schools and also hospitals where civilians have taken refuge.

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