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Are We Too Hard On Rand Paul?


But later, with an irritated edge to his voice, Paul added: "Some people are purists, and I get grief all the time ? all these libertarian websites hating on me because I'm not as pure as my dad. And I'm putting restrictions on foreign aid instead of eliminating foreign aid altogether. And I'm like: 'Look, guys, I'm having trouble putting these restrictions on, much less eliminating them! So give me a break!'"

Should we give Rand a break? Despite the numerous articles myself (as our resident Rand lambaster) and others have written on his shortcomings or betrayals of libertarian ethics, the answer to this is a resounding yes. Despite my writing on Rand, I typically couch many of my articles with "yet, he's still the best option we have," which is is the truth exponentially multiplied by about one-thousand. And I will most definitely give him kudos for standing up on issues that are libertarian points of interest. But, should we give Rand a break yet?

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