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GOP Blocks Voter Fraud Challenge

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There might have been voter fraud in Mississippi?s Republican Primary Election, but we?ll never know for sure. At least not for now. Chris McDaniel is told that his challenge will not be heard by the Republican Party and if he wishes to keep fighting, he?ll have to take his challenge to court. McDaniel ran opposite of six-time incumbent Senator Thad Cochran in the primary runoff vote, and he lost by over 7 thousand votes. Now, the Mississippi Republican Party says they don?t have enough TIME to look at all of the evidence. The general election isn?t for another 88 days, but the party wants to move past this quickly before the official election. McDaniel says he has solid evidence that Cochran?s campaign illegally bought votes from Democratic residents. State law doesn?t allow people to vote in both the Republican and Democratic primary, and the McDaniel campaign says they found 15 thousand cross over voters that already cast their vote at the Democratic primary three weeks prio