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Parting Shots

That is the case for this dad saying goodbye to his much-loved son as he heads off to college, out-of-state but far from out-of-mind.  It's been 18 years since you entered our world in the flesh and turned our household into a family, and I fully expect you to continue to bring joy in my and your mom's lives, except that now it will occur from a different venue and on a separate path, as you complete the bridge from teen to man.

This is an exciting time.  Still, it hurts letting you go.

As a dad, I can't let you go without a few last shots of fatherly advice.  Perhaps you have already imbibed my points below, making them superfluous.  But more likely, you'll find them helpful over the next few years as you go forth into a Brave New World.  So in no particular order:

1.  Take ownership of your thoughts.  If they are good, wholesome, and true, then so will your life be.  Owning your thoughts is the key to owning your life, and either you will consciously assume ownership or others will.  It's far easier to allow the latter, and most of us are encouraged to do so from an early age.  Freeing your mind, and taking the proverbial red pill, means being an exception.  Be an exception.

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