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3D-printed house concept offers blueprint for living on Mars

•, By Adam Williams

NASA and MakerBot recently hosted a competition which tasked people with making a 3D-printed model home suitable for the Red Planet. Noah Hornberger won with his Queen B (Bioshielding) concept home, which offers food-for-thought concerning the future of interplanetary architecture.

Like the B-and-Bee festival shelter we recently featured, the Queen B model comprises a space-saving and modular honeycomb design that's flexible, durable, and compact ? though in this case, the hexagonal modules are laid out flat rather than stacked up into the air.

"A building with outstretched arms, wings, nodes, or branches is not practical for long-term efficiency and stability" explained Hornberger. "It would be nearly impossible to keep warm due to heat dissipation through the venerable areas."

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