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Robo Brain Project Wants To Turn the Internet into a Robotic Hivemind

•, Erik Sofge

Robo Brain isn't exactly feasting on the internet. That implies a level of choice, or agency. What's happening to Robo Brain is closer to force-feeding, as researchers from four different universities regularly cram its cloud-based computational system with data collected from the internet. So far, it has digested roughly 120,000 YouTube videos, a million documents, and a billion images.

The goal is as direct as the project's name?to create a centralized, always-online brain for robots to tap into. The more Robo Brain learns from the internet, the more direct lessons it can share with connected machines. How do you turn on a toaster? Robo Brain knows, and can share 3D images of the appliance and the relevant components. It can tell a robot what a coffee mug looks like, and how to carry it by the handle without dumping the contents.

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