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Toxic Vaccines and Autism, Part 2.

I just gave my son his first dose of MMR at his four-year check up. The recent outbreaks of measles and his schooling have been the driving factors in our decision to get it done. His pediatrician swears there is no correlation whatsoever between vaccines and autism but I am still very concerned. After being treated by you for mercury toxicity, nobody in my family will ever get a flu shot.  However, the required/suggested vaccines to avoid childhood diseases are a different story. If mercury is not the direct cause of the autism development after MMR injections then what is it? I read part of Andrew Wakefield's book (which is now being treated as rubbish) and would like your perspective on the correlation between the MMR vaccine and the diagnosis. Do you also feel this way about other childhood vaccines? As a parent I struggle with wanting to keep my children safe and healthy without polluting them in the process. Thoughts???



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