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Tim & Chuck Baldwin could use a little "Liberty Love"...


Submitted by PoliticalPatriot on Mon, 09/22/2014 - 15:21


To the DP family...

It's come to light that the Flathead County, Montana Prosecutor's Office and the Flathead County Drug Task Force has been caught, red-handed, trying to get a client to fire Tim Baldwin (a Constitutional attorney) because they don't like him. They were messing with a man's life and threatening him and his wife that he'd go to prison for 20 years on drug charges if they didn't fire Tim Baldwin, as their attorney.

Seems like the public defenders office did little to help this man, and when Tim inherited the case, he did his job and threw everything that he had at the case. And the PTB didn't like that - they wanted to send the man to jail. The wife of the client recorded a conversation between her, and the Sheriff's drug task force guy, and then turned the recording over to Tim Baldwin. Learn more, and hear the tape here:

BTW, since this story broke, the DA's office has dropped BOTH charges against Tim's client, so that they particulars would never come out about what really has happened.

So, you have the prosecuting attorney and the cops, colluding together to railroad someone going through the criminal justice system because they don't like Tim (and his daddy, Chuck). The cop references, in the call, that Tim is "Constitutional", like that's some kind of disease.

Chuck's preached a great message on corruption in Sunday's message. You see, as a non-501(c)3 church, he can identify and preach against real corruption, like what has happened in Flathead County, unlike the IRS-controlled pastors and preachers to dot America's landscape.

After you listen to the tape, please call the Montana Attorney General, Tim Fox, who's said, in the recent past, that he's going to refer the matter to a disciplinary board (for a slight smack on the wrist). You see, he's a fellow "Republican", just like the county attorney. The number to the MT AG is 406-444-2026. They're going to say, "For this matter, can you email your concerns to", because they probably want a list of people that are on their side (to target later?)

What we really need, for justice to be service, is for all those involved to be charged in a criminal conspiracy to obstruct justice! How can anyone go into a court and know that this type of behavior is tolerated? That's why our prisons are bulging - too many cozy relationships between the county attorney's office and the public defender's office.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin is the ONLY man that Ron Paul endorsed for president, in the last two election cycles. He's our OUR side. They (Tim and Chuck) need the help of liberty-loving people to make sure that the exposed corruption does NOT go un-noticed, or un-punished.

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