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Yossi Sarid / Feiglin, his cronies are fascists by any definition


Each list of candidates is tinted with its own characteristic hue. Sometimes, one drop is enough to paint a whole list. Likud's list offers quite a few rotten drops, and with each drop the cup overflows.

The list's color is as brown now as that brown house in Hebron. Likud's official spokespeople did try to console and be consoled yesterday, when they said that the devil isn't all that bad now that it's been pushed down to number 20 on the list. But full revulsion is better than partial consolation in this case.

Moshe Feiglin has been described as a radical rightist but that's not his main problem - which has now become the Likud's problem and our problem. In certain respects, he's less legitimate than Meir Kahane and far less so than Rehavam Ze'evi, the man who Benny Begin once defined as "a moral infection." Those were the days in old Jerusalem.

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