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Minnesota Bullion Coin Dealers Law


(Publisher: If you live in the State of Minnesota then you are that state's livestock and purchasing Gold from anyone anywhere, even out of state, is illegal without the dealer having a license from MN to sell to you... 'cause they can)

Under the law, a dealer who has $5,000 or more of purchases and sales of "bullion coin" with Minnesota consumers in a 12-month period is required to register with the Minnesota Department of Commerce. The $5,000 threshold is determined by looking back to transactions from July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014.  If a coin dealer passed that threshold during that 12-month period, then he is required to be registered if they want to make any sales to Minnesota customers from July 1 onward. This threshold is also met if a Minnesota consumer makes a sale or purchase with a non-Minnesota dealer at a coin show located outside of Minnesota. -

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