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How CNBC (Becky Quick, Jim Cramer, and Joe Kernan) Can Solve Its Collapsing Viewership Problem


The article in question, "Jim Cramer Is a Complicated Man," was largely composed of quotes from Jim's own writings, with some minimal explication from me, and while I could see that it would make even a pimp squirm, yet since it largely draws from extensive quotes from Jim's own writing I do not see how it can be called, "mean". I do know that various people who read it (e.g., a Georgetown Law School professor friend) have expressed dumfounded disgust at Cramer upon completion.

There is also, of course, the additional issue of the video I caused to be supplied to Comedy Central a year later, a video which Jon Stewart used to publicly humiliate Jim Cramer in a way that in any sane world would have left Jim lucky to be delivering weather forecasts from Butte, Montana.

Thus I was surprised to see on June 5, 2014 Ms. Becky Quick declare on air that she "would love to have Patrick [me] on" CNBC, followed by Joe Kernan's faux-bewildered account deliberately distorting my early and prescient criticisms of Wall Street. I was not surprised, however, to see Jim Cramer coyly declare that is the one stock in the universe of stocks upon which he will not comment.

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