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Stats Favor Wages Over Work

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Paycheck or production. Work or wages. Two things that should be hand-in-hand, instead are toe-to-toe. In a post-recession fallout, Americans everywhere face a decision centered around the struggle between Give and Get. Late President John F Kennedy stirred the nation years ago, compelling Americans to ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country. It's a speech still echoed today by coaches, leaders and bosses to people on a team. Sacrifice. Pitch in and contribute for the sake of a common goal. Many managers and business owners, strapped for cash, struggling to balance a budget, are now forced to ask many of their employees to make similar sacrifices. Bosses can't afford to give out raises. Wage growth can't keep up with inflation. The heavy burden of taxes mounts heavier and heavier on the backs of the middle class. Corner office corporate level executives pour over spreadsheets, looking for ways to fatten the wallets of the

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