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WHO calls Ebola Worlds Virus Thrives in Cold Weather Polar Vortex Restarted


WHO calls Ebola Worlds most Severe Health Emergency Virus Thrives in Cold Weather Polar Vortex Restarted

I have been watching this for 2 years.

It was all predictivly programmed at the London Olympics and at the same time a strain outbroke in Uganda. It has now been optimized for longer incubation period and lower mortality rate so it won't quickly burn out in a local hotspot. It can now spread effectively from country to country.

Remember the Polar Vortex last winter? How it was parked every couple weeks over the Midwest and wreaked havoc east of the Mississippi. We all know the weather is modified using HAARP technology. The US weather radar grid is now the start-of-the-art means to control the ionosphere which can raise or lower the upper troposphere. In other words, this is how the vortex is generated and steered.

Models are already showing that its being formed again. Now watch this video.

The US Bioweapons lab, Fort Dettrick, MD; better known as the US Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, has come out and published that the current strain of Ebola is airborne.

Same transmission as the flu. Kicker is it does better in dark, cold weather. Polar Vortex + Ebola = get your crap together folks – its on. You can't run from it – best thing is get healthy – boost your immune system. Stop smoking, drinking, drugs. Excercise. Nanosilver, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C. ...Health care working taking care of Duncan has it.

Remember, they were doing Level 4 protocol. Positive pressure hazmat suites and the like – they still got. This is unstoppable – the quintessential bioweapon. Only saving grace it is about 60% mortality rate. The healthy will survive.  more at url

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