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First, the Americans tested it in Korea in 1963 when they claimed it was endemic to Korea.

Then there was a variety of it called Marburg.

The year was 1967. Several laboratory workers, all from the same lab in Marburg, Germany, were hospitalized with a severe and strange disease. The physicians on staff realized the workers were all suffering from the same ailment, with symptoms that included fever, diarrhea, vomiting, massive bleeding from many different organs, shock, and eventually circulatory system collapse. An investigation began in an attempt to uncover the source of the outbreak.

Then, suddenly it appeared in Africa. Where it was named and although no natural host as ever found, they claimed it was native to Africa.

The above is not the only testing ever done.

The Russians have done work on the virus and have had several lab accidents and apparently Iraq has tested it as well.

Now considering all the work and effort that has gone into the testing and retesting of this BIO WEAPON in labs and in the field, do you really believe it doesn't exist?

Do you really believe they put in all that money and effort to do nothing with it?

Crisis actors and the like are there throw you off.

Take 911 for example, the conspiracy sites were flooded with lots of claims and counter claims, this way and that. The end result was, the elite got away with it.

However, with EBOLA, while you're all busy arguing whether it is real or not, it is growing exponentially.

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