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Sunreef's retractable hydrofoils lift its luxury catamarans to speeds of 80 mph


While large and luxurious, its line of seagoing vessels isn't necessarily the pinnacle of speed. Sunreef is set on changing that, injecting a serious mph upgrade by pulling its dual hulls out of the water with a new retractable hydrofoil system.

Catamarans are typically faster than their monohull counterparts, but Sunreef's existing line is built more for luxury than speed. Apparently there's been a bit of a rumbling across its customer base for a dual-hull that uncages some of the catamaran's underlying performance potential.

For speed lovers, Sunreef presents its new retractable hydrofoil system, which it will launch on the 40-ft (12.2-m) open deck boat called the 40 H. Like any hydrofoil system, Sunreef's design lifts the boat's hulls up out of the water and drastically cuts drag, allowing the boat to reach much higher speeds.

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