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Shielded from Justice: The High Cost of Living in a Police State


We were staying with relatives and my whole family was sleeping in one room. My husband and I, our three daughters and our baby (nicknamed "Baby Bou Bou") in his crib. Dressed like soldiers, they broke down the door. The SWAT officers tossed a flashbang grenade into the room. It landed in Baby Bou Bou's crib, blowing a hole in his face and chest that took months to heal and covering his entire body with scars…

"Doctors tell us that my son will have to have double reconstructive surgeries twice a year, every year for the next 20 years… [I]n five short months our family has taken on nearly $900,000 in medical bills, some of which have now gone into collections… After initially offering to cover the medical expenses, the county has since refused to cover any of our medical costs, all of which would never have happened if the SWAT team hadn't broken into the home."—Alecia Phonesavanh

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Comment by Ed Martin
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I understand that black market organs pay very well. With the exception of the brain, a police person's organs work just as well as those of anybody else. By harvesting the police organs one can donate a % of the proceeds to victims of police while helping to eliminate the police state.

Comment by Ed Price
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The damages the cities across America are starting to have to pay out because of police misconduct, is just the thing that might bring down the banking system. Don't think that the amounts will stay low, in the $millions. We are going to start seeing cases where $billions are awarded.