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Foxcatcher, Mockingjay and 7 Other Trailers You Need to Watch Right Now

•, By Jordan Crucchiola

You get a bounty of must-watch trailers, that's what. This combo may sound like an amalgamation only a mother could love, but it turns out this wonky formula still hits the spot. We've got two returning trailer all-stars in the mix with Mockingjay and The Foxcatcher, and they're being joined by newcomers like a serious Edward Snowden documentary, a not-so-serious Japanese action-comedy about gang wars, and Ron Howard flick about a group of 19th century whale hunters. Sounds like just another day at the movies.

This new Mockingjay teaser takes us right to Heartbreak Central with Katniss. It starts by reminding us, through a voiceover from Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and Alma Coin (Julianne Moore), that the braintrust of District 13 believes our heroine may be useless to the revolution since the last Hunger Games left her emotionally feeble and completely burned out. (Haters.) So to catalyze her wrath, and reignite the Girl on Fire, they send her on a little homecoming journey to the smoking remains of her home, District 12. Way harsh, guys. But we get it. You've got a coup d'état to stage.


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