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Fangate is a Reflection of Voters

•, By Chad Nelson

Apparently Crist's podium was equipped with (gasp!) a fan.  Mainstream news outlets, always eager to over-report on a meaningless story that has high tabloid-value, is in all its glory.  If I didn't know better, I'd guess that this is the media's way of pretending to hold politicians' feet to the fire–by relentlessly criticizing them for idiotic, petty personal behavior that has nothing at all to do with actual issues.  On the real issues, the media's role in relation to the politician is one of enthusiastic cheerleader.

What this non-event actually highlights is the stupidity, the utter gullibility, and supreme narcissism of voters.  No, not just Florida voters.  Not the voters in this particular election cycle.  Voters in general.  The very act of voting says a lot about the people who participate in it, and none of it is positive.  There seem to be two kinds of voters historically, each of them locked in their own tight race for who will win the award for most deluded.

The first kind of voter is glued to the set for the latest take on the Scott-Crist drama.  He will ultimately cast his ballot largely based on surface-level attributes such as whether the politician is likable, whether he'd be a fun guy to have a beer with, or whether he sweats.  Think I'm overdoing it?  Look no further back than the Kennedy/Nixon presidential election where popular opinion holds that Nixondid himself great harm by profusely sweating in the country's first ever televised presidential debate.

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