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Eric Holder's Legacy: the Divine Right of Criminals


The abject failure of the nation's top law enforcer to enforce the law against bankers of any significance in the wake of a $10,000 billion crisis is notorious. Less well-known are (1) the astounding lengths to which Eric Holder's DOJ has gone to protect criminal banks, which just so happen to be clients of his law firm, (2) the degree to which the rule of law has been subverted (it's been destroyed; we have been living under the rule of man, officially, for some time), and (3) the broader implications of Holder's reign on U.S. national sovereignty (grave). This video series explores all three topics and more. Frontline's Untouchables demonstrates the power of real journalism in bringing even the elite to heel, in this case literally overnight. The show is a masterpiece in narrative structure and is shot beautifully as well. At 54 minutes, it's well worth the time:

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