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Eight Appalling Facts about Bovine Growth Hormone


[1][2][3] Related? Maybe, maybe not. You can be the judge as you read through the following 8 facts about the substance known as BGH, or rBGH. Whatever conclusion you arrive at, you'll probably agree that keeping this substance far away from you and your family is good practice.

1. Bovine Growth Hormone is a GMO

Monsanto created rBGH to stimulate milk production in cows. At least that's the nice way of saying it. Bovine growth hormone occurs naturally in cows, the same way human growth hormone occurs naturally in humans. To make it more "effective", Monsanto genetically modified BGH to create recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, or rBGH or rBST (recombinant bovine somatotrophin). This more potent GMO version of BGH is not a naturally occurring substance and does more than increase ol' Bessie's milk production.

2. It's Banned in the European Union and Around the World

Originally approved by many countries shortly after its release, rBGH has since been banned by the European Union, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and Israel. [4] Most of these bans went into effect in 2000, some earlier. It didn't take their scientists long to figure out this stuff isn't quite right.

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