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Curveballs, Sliders, and the Little Pitches That Start Big Wars

•, by Atomic Reporters

The new post explains the "it was deemed too harsh and caused offence and upset to people named in the report, for which we express regret."

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In American baseball, pitchers use curveballs to deceive batters. It can be a tricky throw to face. One moment the ball's trajectory looks like it's going to strike you in the head. A split second later, it winds up in the catcher's glove. The pitch can be very embarrassing. American baseball player Clayton Kershaw got $215 million dollars because he throws a good curveball. Check him out in action:

There's also a man called Curveball. His real name is Rafed al Janabi and in 1999 as an Iraqi seeking asylum in Germany, he told authorities that Saddam Hussein had created a biological-weapons program. U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell famously used Janabi's information before the United Nations Security Council to justify a war of aggression against Iraq. The trouble was that the information wasn't true.

Curveball makes Kershaw's baseball contract look like a bargain.

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