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Spanish Reader on Rise of "Podemos" a New Far-Left Political Party in Spain

• Mike Shedlock

He writes about the alleged recovery in "main street", Catalan separatism, and the rise of a far-left political party named Podemos.

David writes...

Hi Mish
I'm a long time reader of your blog from Spain. I'm a 27 years old accountant, currently unemployed, and I enjoy reading your financial, economic and political insights because you are quite spot on regarding the issues you pay attention to, especially the Eurozone and its impact the global scenario.

You sometimes refer to readers who communicate to you about the issues they know and live, so I've decided to do the same, hoping it can be useful.
I remember a few years back during the 2011/12 sovereign bond-spread crisis when you were pointing directly towards France and Italy for troubles, and how you got it right. The flaws of those two countries really hit the headlines in short order. Obviously, Spain is and has been in a mess for many time and you're well aware of that, but I think Spain is going back to the headlines next year, and I wanted to explain why I think so.

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