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British artist pledges 28 days in isolation wearing a VR headset


This social experiment called "Seeing I" is currently raising funds on Kickstarter and if successful will see the brave artist lock himself away in a small room, equipped with nothing but a bed, toilet and shower, all the while being completely visible to the public.

"Our existence, the only truth we can be certain of, has become a simulation of life, where these experiences are our life," says Mark Farid, artist and subject. "If our consciousness is experienced through the perception of sight and sound; through interaction, through technology and through our conception of knowledge, to what extent is it really our own?"

During the Seeing I experiment Farid will spend 24 hours a day for a period of 28 consecutive days wearing a virtual reality headset, which will feed footage of someone else's life, named the "Other." The Other will be a volunteer member of the public who will record the continuous and unedited events of his life by wearing a bespoke pair of glasses fitted with two camera lenses, an onboard computer, binaural microphones, data storage and batteries that last for 24 hours.

This recording will start six days before Farid undertakes the experiment, so that a team can be on hand to prepare the exact meals at the exact time as the Other experiences them. This means Farid will see, smell and eat everything that the other person does and even go to the bathroom and shower at the same time as he does.

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