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How To Obtain Protein From Alternative Sources Without A Firearm

•, by Rockvault

Sure, vegetarian-based diets can keep you alive, but even in a TEOTWAWKI situation why go without meat when it might not be all that hard to source and may be local to your home, camp, or hide-out, too.

First, let's go over some assumptions. Let's recognize here that we're at least six months into a TEOTWAWKI event and that all of the larger game animals in your area, including deer, bear, elk, antelope, and similar wildlife have already been harvested for food. Secondly, your stocks of canned or frozen meats are nearly exhausted. Furthermore, let's also assume that you…

either have lost your firearm and/or ammunition or for some strange reason chose not to include a firearm in your survival kit,

have very little ammo left from defending your homestead in the first few days after the event, or

do not want to discharge your firearm out of concern for alerting others of your location.

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