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How Neocon Strategy in Ukraine Has Backfired for Americans Other than Neocons and Warmongers

• Lew Rockwell blog

Here is the broad story as I now see it. Prior to the coup d'etat in Ukraine, aided and abetted by the neocon expansionist strategies being implemented by its proponents in the U.S. government, Russia and Putin had no territorial designs on Ukraine or such countries as Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland. It had no designs to take over these countries politically or as satellites controlled by Russian stooges. It had no designs to resurrect a Soviet-style empire. Its wishes were the opposite. It wanted greater integration with Europe....

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Comment by Lola Flores
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It's called BLOWBACK OF EMPIRE! It's a b*tch but it is what it is, kinda like reverse democracy where the majority pays for the deeds, crimes and stupidity of a minority.

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