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The Blackphone 2 Is An Ultra-Secure Smartphone Made For Secret Agents


There's nothing worse than getting hacked. Ask anyone at Sony, which lost an estimated $100 million in the malicious hacks committed against the company last year. Silent Circle, a company founded by Internet security legend Phil Zimmerman, wants to bring those type of hacks to a halt. The company's solution: An end-to-end service that starts with an ultra secure smartphone called the Blackphone 2.

The Blackphone 2 is an update to the original Blackphone, which was long heralded as an "NSA-Proof" device before it was eventually discovered that no one can can escape the NSA. The second-generation of the device looks and feels a lot more high-end than the original version. There are still no aesthetic details on the phone, but the new version is slightly bigger and features a much better screen. The display is now 5.5 inches (phablet territory) and displays Full HD, which brings it up to the standards of most premium smartphones.