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Monsanto threatens legal action against European Commission over potential glyphosate ban


(NaturalNews) The world's most evil corporation is throwing a temper tantrum, following news that the European Union (EU) might not renew a permit allowing the world's most widely used herbicide to be applied to European food crops.

EU leaders, France and Germany, have both been reluctant to renew approval for Monsanto's Roundup formula, citing evidence that the chemical cocktail is harmful to humans and the environment. Both countries earlier abstained from voting on a proposal to extend the permit, and since then French politician Segolene Royal has indicated that France will now definitively vote no to extending approval.

"France will vote against the glyphosate vote," Royal told the media ahead of a meeting of EU environment ministers.

The current EU license for glyphosate, the primary active ingredient in Roundup, is set to expire at the end of June. If the permit isn't extended, manufacturers will have just six months to completely phase out all use of the chemical from their herbicide formulas.

The European Commission had initially proposed renewing glyphosate's approval permit for another 15 years, a decision that critics say contradicts emerging science showing that glyphosate may cause cancer. Despite efforts to ramrod the renewal through, a key vote was canceled at the last minute.

"Since it was obvious that no qualified majority would have been reached, a vote was not held," explained a commission spokesperson, who issued a statement picked up by several media sources.

Monsanto: poisoning humanity for profit since 1901

The EU Commission's siding with the majority of member states in opposing the continued use of glyphosate represents a rare instance of unelected bureaucrats standing on the side of the people rather than the corporations. It also demonstrates yet another win in favor of taking a precautionary approach to potentially cancer-causing chemicals.