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5 Stylish Homes That Generate More Energy Than They Consume


As the world heads towards a more environmentally-conscious future, sustainable homes are becoming increasingly common. But what once was seen as an aesthetically unattractive option has recently become a global asset, as Plus-energy homes are making a name for themselves across the globe.

These new homes are all completely sustainable and stunning in design, as well as having the ability to generate more energy than they consume. In addition to this, they can even be set up to allow any excess energy generated by the stylish home to be sold back to the grid, allowing owners to live in a beautiful home whilst providing a much-needed sustainable service.

As the Plus-energy homes are gaining momentum and increasing in popularity, their prices are also decreasing, meaning that unaffordable sustainable homes are a thing of the past. Each house contains energy efficient features, with a sleek and unique design, gently aiding the world away from a strong dependence on fossil fuels.

Carbon Positive House

Credit: Carbon Positive House by ArchiBlox

The carbon positive house was designed by ArchiBox and is Australia's first carbon-positive prefab home, consisting of a solar-panel covered flat roof. In addition to the house being able to generate more energy than it consumes, it also has the ability to soak up natural light through the double-glazed facade. The outside walls of the house contain natural plants, whilst the inside consists entirely of energy efficient and sustainably sourced materials.

Heliotrope Home

Credit: Heliotrope by Ralph Disch


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