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When lightweight composite materials are used in fields such as aerospace, it's vitally important to know if they're experiencing mechanical stress – before they fail. A new composite is able to do so, simply by fluorescing under UV light.

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The tried and true form factor of a utility knife is one many will be familiar with, but toolmaker ToughBuilt has just introduced one with a very handy trick up its sleeve. The handtool carries a switchblade-like design but rather than concealing the

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The world produces more than 1.8 billion tons of steel a year, releasing nearly twice that weight in carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Indeed, steel production accounts for somewhere between 7-8 percent of global anthropogenic carbon emissions, so

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Most people don't think much about the food scraps they throw away; however, researchers in Tokyo have developed a new method to reduce food waste by recycling discarded fruit and vegetable scraps into robust construction materials.

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Last month, we noted "Screw Lumber, Just 3D-Print Your Next Home," which is precisely what one builder did in Virginia. According to local news NBC12, history was made Thursday when the first house in the state, located in South Richmond, was const

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Ernest Hancock catches up with Patrick Binder (Free stater, liberty lover, activist) at Porcfest 2021 (Roger's Campground; Lancaster, NH). They discuss various liberty issues, construction industry, lumber, manipulated prices on commodities, etc...

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This graphene-based aerogel is the lightest sound insulation material ever manufactured, say researchers at the University of Bath, who have demonstrated its ability to damp down noise by up to 16 decibels despite weighing just 2.1 kg per cubic meter