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The EU Just Voted to Support Registering Advanced Robots


The report, prepared by the legal affairs committee, notes that robots stand to have an immense impact on society, and not all of it will be beneficial. 

For example, the report states that automation might not lead to newer and better jobs for the displaced—at least, not right away—and that low-skill workers like fast food workers are likely to be first on the chopping block. "Developing robotics may lead to a high concentration of wealth and influence in the hands of a minority," the report states.

But, with the right guidance, the report acknowledges that robots could be developed in a way that enhances people's lives and society as a whole. To that end, the report recommends the establishment of a "European agency for robotics and artificial intelligence" to provide guidance to governments. It also encourages greater funding for research into both advanced robotics and the effects it may have once unleashed. 

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