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Top 10 so-called conspiracy theories recently proven true thanks to alternative media...

• By: Natural News Editors

People become more paranoid and outright delusional about infectious diseases, a Trump Presidency, food allergies and domestic terrorism. People, or sheeple as they should be called, follow all the wrong leaders, the worst advice and their own "expertise" about their health, welfare, finances and safety – and thus become more endangered and poisoned by their state of mind. To them, conspiracy theories are just that, and they're so afraid to look at the truth that reality actually hurts their souls.

However, for tens of millions of other Americans, the wake up call came and they heeded it this year. That's why Donald Trump won the Presidency. One look at the number of U.S. states that went "red" on November 8th and 9th is "proof in the pudding." Everything the "Donald" preached about was proven true, and when videos and leaked emails went viral on social media and Alternative "Truth" Media, the Constitution also came out the victor.

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