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The mystery and intrigue of Matt Drudge's Twitter feed

• by Jeva Lange

All that remained was a black square and a black header and the capital letters that bellowed his name: MATT DRUDGE.

Just days earlier, the reclusive and powerful founder of the Drudge Report had appeared on Alex Jones' InfoWars program, although "appeared" might be too generous. Despite Jones' pleading, Drudge refused to actually come on camera for the interview. Eventually, Jones' team convinced Drudge to speak into a microphone just out of the frame, even as Jones complained that no one would believe Drudge was actually there.

The resulting 45-minute interview is oddly similar to reading a Twitter thread — a faceless voice filibustering from offscreen — although Drudge insisted to Jones, "I don't do the socials." Then he corrected himself: "I've got that little Twitter thing, even that's kind of disgusting."

In fact, a little over a year before his appearance on InfoWars, in 2014, Drudge had wiped his Twitter account of its entire history, leaving up only a message that cryptically warned: "In this maniac Digital Age … it's vital … to clear your mind … constantly." A few months later, he would tweet "self-quarantine" — an apparent acknowledgment of his decision to purge the cache of his 140-character messages as if they were a disease.

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