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The Dizzying Potential of Quantum Computing

•, Rob Reid

I recently recorded a wide-ranging conversation with venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson on the weird, even spooky topic of quantum computing. Steve is a long-serving board member at D-Wave Systems?—?the world's oldest and largest quantum computing company. He and I go back a ways. We overlapped as undergrads at Stanford, then worked together in our first post-college jobs at Bain & Company. Our paths have crossed and re-crossed ever since, in and around the tech scene.

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Quantum computing intrigues me as a writer because near-future science fiction rests on the conceit that next year could differ vastly from today. This is why alien invasions are so popular. Sure, it's unlikely one will happen this afternoon. But if one does, there's no limit to how weird shit could get by hockey season.