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Tech Giants Have Taken Control Over Knowledge on the Internet


The tide is finally shifting in Silicon Valley. The same companies once heralded as crusaders of a bright future are increasingly being seen as hoarders of vast, unchecked power. Franklin Foer, a national correspondent for The Atlantic, has been questioning the intentions of corporations like Facebook and Google for years. On this episode of Radio Motherboard, I talk with Foer about his new book, World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech.

Foer, who is the former editor of The New Republic (which was purchased by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes), chronicles how large tech corporations have largely taken control of knowledge and information online. Without considering the tradeoffs, we've given our data to Google, Facebook, and other companies. We did so because of the irresistible convenience they provide, but until recently, haven't thought about at what cost.

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