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This Is What Collapse Looks Like

•, Mac Slavo

What does it look like when the entire system around you collapses?

The fallout in Puerto Rico, which has left a devastating impact with no food on grocery store shelves or electricity to over three million people, gives us a glimpse:

As Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper recently noted in What It's Really Like After the SHTF, the situation with essential services and supplies is desperate and untenable:

Many homes were completely destroyed.

There is hardly any potable water.

Hospitals are struggling to keep people alive.

There isn't much food.

There is little communication.

Help has been slow to arrive

In her widely popular guide The Prepper's Blueprint, Tess Pennington of explains, with countless references to real-life events, how society and the system as we have come to know it can rapidly come to a standstill. 

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