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How To Produce An Intracellular Calcium Deluge To Induce Cancer Cell Death


The Achilles heel of cancer has been found.  Cancer patients can dispatch Trojan horses into cancer cells and kill them in place without side effect.

Cancer cells are vulnerable to changes in the level of intracellular calcium.  Subtle changes in calcium levels can selectively cause cancer cells to die off and healthy cells to remain unharmed.

Here is how that can be accomplished with readily available dietary supplements:

The following items can be purchased at health shops.  (Bill Sardi has no commercial interest in the generic unbranded products mentioned herein.)

Typical dosage ranges of these nutrients used to maintain health are provided and are frequently combined and consumed without significant side effects by healthy adults.  There is little likelihood of serious side effects.

Calcium (1200-1500 mg/day)

Selenium (100-200 mcg/day)

Vitamin D3 (8000-10,000 IU/day)

IP6 rice bran extract (800+ mg/day)

Peppermint oil for menthol (optional)

Take these dietary supplements daily on an empty stomach if possible to induce cancer cell death via overwhelming release of calcium within tumor cells.  Healthy cells will not be harmed.

This non-toxic method of halting the growth of tumor cells via release of calcium from within tumor cells is a major thrust of cancer research today.  Some toxic cancer drugs employ this same mechanism.  However, the mindset of researchers is to do this with billion-dollar block-buster drugs, not dietary supplements.

The convincing evidence for this cancer remedy is growing day-by-day.

Examine some of the titles of research papers published on this topic.  (Apoptosis –pronounced apo'tosis = cell death)

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But wait, you say many people take calcium and vitamin D for bone health and they still got cancer.

Let's take a quick look at the studies.

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