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Intel's New "Smart Glasses" Shoot Laser Beam Directly Into Your Retina

•, Zero Hedge

Consummate techie and Executive Editor at The Verge, Deiter Bohn, took Intel's Vaunt smart glasses for a test drive – which he says are "virtually indistinguishable from regular glasses," and are the "first pair of smart eyeglasses I've tried that doesn't look ridiculous."

The smart glasses – which weigh less than 50 grams – work by projecting a very low-powered laser (a VCSEL), which shines a "red, monochrome image somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 x 150 pixels" on to a holographic reflector on the right lens of the glasses – which is then reflected directly into your eyeball and onto your retina.

Intel swears it's safe.

 "It is a class one laser. It's such low power that we don't [need it certified]," he says, "and in the case of [Vaunt], it is so low-power that it's at the very bottom end of a class one laser." –Mark Eastwood, Director of Industrial Design, Intel NDG group

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