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MSNBC Is Sick of the 'So-Called Right' to Bear Arms

•, Newsbusters

Wallace complained during the show's first segment that the arguments "on the other side" – meaning those against gun control – had become "repugnant," whereas before they'd been "civilized." Implicit in this remark was the assumption that the position of Republicans and pro-Second Amendment individuals has changed somehow.

But as Stephens would go on to point out, the argument in favor of the right to bear arms is the same today as it was twenty years ago: it's in the Constitution. In an appreciable but disturbing moment of honesty, Stephens struck at the core issue of that argument, and questioned whether owning firearms really ought to be a right at all:

There is something kind of aggressively and inhumanly repetitive about this line that guns are essential to American liberties – a hard one to stomach when so many thousands of people are dying every year for this so-called 'liberty.'

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Blaming the right to bear arms for the shooting at Fl.? What I have gathered so far. It was a failure to act from the local school and finally to the FBI. The school could have had the student arrested long before the shooting for threating others with a knife (a felony under Fl. Law) but their do not arrest the student policies came first. When informed that the student had threatened to shoot up the school they did nothing about it. The Sheriff deputy’s paid over 30+ visits to his home and didn’t put this guy under a ATF do not sell list. Add the FBI that failure to do squat when reported to them. Once the shooting started, 4 deputies’ fails to go in. Only cower behind their cars until officers from a nearby town came and entered the school with newly arrived officers. Shooter almost got away, but the out of town officer saw a guy who meet the description and stopped him. MSNBC ignores all of this