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How do I get a Bitcoin Cash wallet with CoinText?

You get an SMS Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet by texting a valid command to CoinText's number for your region, or when someone else sends BCH to your phone number using CoinText. See valid commands here.

I received BCH via SMS but CoinText doesn't have a local number in my region. How do I move my BCH?

If your phone has received BCH via SMS, say from outside your country, rest assured, the funds are sitting securely in an address only your phone can access. However, you can only move your BCH if your phone can communicate over SMS with a CoinText access number. Therefore, you must either have an international texting plan with your mobile service provider or wait until CoinText establishes a gateway in your region.

We are always adding new regions. Check here to see if your area has been added.

If I am in another country, can I use that local number?

Technically you can use any CoinText access number if your telecom provider allows international texting. But your communication will likely cost more to a foreign number, and CoinText will route the response back through the local number where your phone service originates.

How does it work?

Your full phone number (country code + area code + number) is used as a unique identifier to create the seed to generate a new Bitcoin Cash wallet. Once a wallet is seeded by your phone, CoinText provides an API server that communicates with a global Tier-1+ SMS gateway provider to give you access to the Bitcoin Cash network without Internet.

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